Tucker & Loughborough Plain Tiles

Introducing Tucker & Loughborough Reclaimed Roof Tiles from J Purdy and Sons – the leading supplier of reclaimed roof tiles in Essex and the UK. For decades, our family-run business has been crafting top-notch building materials to help tradesmen, roofers, contractors, and building companies bring their projects to life. With an expansive 10 acre site that houses one of the largest stocks of quality reclaimed building materials in the country, it’s no wonder we serve customers both nationally and internationally.

Built to last for generations, Tucker & Loughborough Reclaimed Roof Tiles are made with strength, resilience, and longevity in mind. Their classic aged look will lend a stunning old world charm to any home or public space - but don't let looks deceive you. Detention resistant and water repellent by design, these magnificent roof tiles won't need replacing as quickly as some other options available on the market. Plus they're easier to install due to their lightweight nature vs. more contemporary roofing options.

At J Purdy & Sons we take pride in our customer service. That's why when you choose us for your rooftop tile needs we make sure delivery is quick and easy with our fleet of hiab mounted vehicles ready to take your order anywhere in the UK at a moments notice. Want more information? Discover our full selection online or give us a ring on 01621 893322 today.

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