TRT Progres Large Profile Tiles

Are you a contractor, roofer, or tradesman in need of high quality, British-made roof tiles? Look no further than TRT Progres Large Profile Tiles. Founded in Essex, UK, J Purdy & Sons sources and stocks the finest building materials available. Our range includes the incredibly reliable TRT Progres Large Profile Tiles – perfect for restoring roofs with confidence.

Made from robust ceramic clay and pressed at extremely high temperatures, these tiles are designed to last in even the harshest weather conditions. And, with their large profile design providing extra protection against water penetration, you can rest assured your roof will hold up strong for years to come. Plus, their aesthetically pleasing appearance will add a touch of beauty to any property it is used on.

At J Purdy & Sons we strive to provide many choice when it comes to reclaiming or restoring your roof. That's why we also stock TRT Progres Tiles – smaller profile counterparts of our large profile variety that are just as durable and long-lasting for personal preference. We understand considering roofs can be a large financial outlay option, so our wide selection ensures whatever your budget is we can work with you. With excellent customer service standards and delivery options nationwide you don't need to worry about waiting around for repairs either; after an order is made we'll make sure you receive your package soon.

So why wait? Upgrade your roof today with the superior quality products from J Purdy & Sons – call us on 01621 893322 now.

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