Steraberg Courtrai Pantile

Sterberg Courtrai Reclaimed Pantiles are the perfect combination of history, ideal for creating a classic feel to any roofscape. Perfect for both commercial and residential applications, the Sterberg Courtrai Reclaimed Pantiles are a mix of traditional and contemporary styles that give your property vibrancy and charm. Their classic design also works with any home style; from country to modern, these tiles suit them all.

Made from the strongest red clay, they provide protection from the elements and have a longer lifespan. The Tiles are fired to temperatures over 900 degrees Celsius ensuring that no matter how harsh the weather they retain their strength. They are also very energy efficient, reflecting the sun’s rays during summer and insulation inside during winter.

At J Purdy and Sons, we have one of the largest stocks of reclaimed building materials in the UK, and through our commitment to sustainability, we believe in reusing, repairing and repurposing our building materials. Your Sterberg Courtrai Pantile will be supplied by us with a guarantee of quality and a satisfaction guarantee of one year. To place an order today, call us on 01621 893322 and start your sustainable project.

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