Reclaimed Roof Tiles Kesgrave

Reclamation Yard Near Kesgrave

reclaimed roof tiles Essex

Through our reclamation yard near Kesgrave we help Architects, Roofers, Businesses and Homeowners in Kesgrave to find reclaimed roof tiles every day. Our products in Kesgrave have been used in projects ranging from Grade II listed buildings and structures to simple garden sheds and more.

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Reclaimed Bricks Kesgrave


We stock a wide range of reclaimed bricks in Kesgrave. We ensure that the quality of the bricks is the best available. Our reclaimed bricks are clean, paletted and ready for use in Kesgrave

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Roof Finials Kesgrave

reclaimed roof tiles Essex

A Roof finial adds architectural detail and character to the roof of any property in Kesgrave. It is a beautiful and essential decorative ornament based on a ridge tile fitting that is built-in to decoratively emphasize the gable end or apex of the roof.

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Reclaimed Roof Slates Kesgrave


For a natural looking roof in Kesgrave we provide the perfect Reclaimed slate roof tiles that offer a weathered look to give your Kesgrave home character whilst also standing up to the elements.

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Roof Tile Calculator in Kesgrave

reclaimed roof tiles Essex

A Roof Area calculator will provide an area calculation for clay or concrete roof tile, natural or composite slate, underfelt or breathable felt and ridge length.

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Reclaimed Roof Tiles Kesgrave

reclaimed roof tiles Essex

We have been sourcing and supplying reclaimed roof tiles and building materials to the building, landscaping and private industry for over 20 years, but we are now able to deliver these to your home or job in Kesgrave You can browse our website to find our most popular reclaimed roof tiles, or call us on today as we have over 2 million tiles, slates and bricks in stock.

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Roof Tile Matching in Kesgrave

reclaimed roof tiles Essex

We carry one of the largest stocks of roof tiles in the country and with our stock of Roof tiles in Kesgrave, we provide an unrivalled tile matching service to suit each individuals requirements and needs. We offer high quality products servicing all around Kesgrave.

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Cheap Roof Tiles Kesgrave


We have a huge stock of cheap yet very high quality roof tiles in Kesgrave which come in various different materials. They are perfect for creating finishes to any roof design.

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Second Hand Roof Tiles Kesgrave


We maintain a large stock of second hand roof tiles in Kesgrave, they are top quality, selected and crated reclaimed roof tiles to sympathetically match existing Kesgrave rooflines.

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Reclaimed Ridge Tiles Kesgrave


All of our reclaimed ridged tiles in Kesgrave are sized and cleaned ready for use. We have a vast range of ridge tiles in stock in Kesgrave including numerous types of angle for different pitches of roof.

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Popular Reclaimed Roof Tiles, Slates and Bricks Kesgrave


If you do not see the prices you require listed on our website contact us today. For bespoke pricing and an accurate cost click here for a quotation.

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