Progres Hennuyeres Large Profile Tiles

If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution for your next project, take a look at the Progres Hennuyeres Reclaimed Large Profile Tiles from J. Purdy and Sons. With one of the largest stocks of reclaimed building materials in the UK, you can’t go wrong – we’ll even deliver the tiles nationwide directly to you.

These tiles offer a great alternative to having your materials shipped from overseas, with more certainty that you are getting the quality you expect for a much lower cost. Each tile is selected from a variety of materials, such as terracotta, granitic slates and brick slips, and the large profiles will complement any area for a timeless, traditional look.

The Progres Hennuyeres Reclaimed Large Profile Tiles promise long term reliability and strength, and, as each one is unique, you can guarantee a signature look for your project that will really stand out from the rest. Affordable and durable, why would you choose any other tile?

For more information, or to place an order, call J. Purdy & Sons today on 01621 893322 – you won’t be disappointed.

J Purdy Tiptree