Homestead No4 Large Profile Tiles

For tradesmen, roofers, contractors, and building companies, Homestead No4 Reclaimed Large Profile Tiles are the perfect choice for any project. J. Purdy & Sons based in Essex are proud to be the largest stockist of reclaimed building materials in the UK. We provide Homestead No4 Large Profile tiles as well as Reclaimed Homestead No4 tiles that can be ordered nationally.

The Homestead No4 Reclaimed Large Profile Tiles are extremely durable and have an aesthetic appeal which makes them an excellent option for any project. Whether you are a roofer working on a domestic or commercial property, or a contractor working on a renovation or new-build, our Homestead No4 tiles are the optimum choice for high quality, long lasting roofing. Boasting timeless appeal and aesthetically pleasing detail that lends the building character, these reclaimed Large Profile tiles emphasize the beauty of your building or property whilst remaining a hefty and practical necessity.

To order your Homestead No4 Reclaimed Large Profile Tiles, contact J Purdy and Sons on 01621 893322. With our nationwide delivery service, plus our bulk discounts, you can be sure that you will get the highest quality at the best prices. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch now and let our expert team provide you with the perfect tiles to bring your project to life.

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