Hardrow Slate Large Profile Tiles

Hardrow Slate Reclaimed Large Profile Tiles provide the perfect choice for any roofing project. Have you ever wanted to have that unique and distinctive look to your home? With our Hardrow Slate Large Profile Tiles, you get exactly that. Reclaimed from historic properties scattered across the UK, these beautiful tiles have been delicately recreated to give your roofing project a truly timeless look. Bring character and style to your next project with Hardrow Slate Reclaimed Large Profile Tiles.

Our reclaimed large profile tiles don’t just have one purpose. Due to their durability, size selection, attractive coloured slates and choice of textures they can also be used on walls as an indoor feature or in landscaping projects. Allowing you to bring both beauty and durability into a range of settings.

At J Purdy & Sons we understand that when it comes to roofs, longevity is everything. That’s why our Hardrow Slate Reclaimed Large Profile Tiles are designed for maximum performance, manufactured using the highest quality material and finished with superior craftsmanship. Our natural slate is sure to last years under all weather conditions ensuring your clients remain safe and happy with them installed. We provide a nationwide delivery service so ensure you are always getting the best quality whenever you need it. For more info call us today on 01621 893322.

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