Dreadnought Roof Tiles are the perfect solution for anyone looking to upgrade or replace their roof tiles. For over 40 years, J Purdy & Sons has been the leading supplier of high-quality, reclaimed Dreadnought roof tiles in Essex and throughout the UK. Their 10-acre site holds an unparalleled selection of carefully curated materials from which you can find the perfect options for your roofing needs.

When it comes to getting your supplies, look no further than J Purdy & Sons' reliable nationwide delivery service that provides solutions tailored to meet your needs. Using hiab mounted vehicles, you can trust them to get even large consignments of tiles wherever they're needed quickly and safely.

Projects made with Dreadnought tiles will benefit from exceptional weatherproofing protection - each tile is made from robust terracotta that can handle a variety of temperatures without fading or cracking under pressure. Plus, no matter what type of roof you're building or replacing, these versatile tiles blend perfectly into any style. Are you looking for classic red and orange terracotta? Or something more modern like grey or brown? No matter what hue you go for, Dreadnought's quality assurance guarantees that the colour won't fade over time.

Turn your house project into a boutique build with J Purdy & Sons' wide range of affordable Dreadnought Roof Tiles. Call 01621 893322 today to place an order and make those dreams come true.

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